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Arabian restaurant Worcester

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Aladdin restaurant offers the best middle Eastern food in Worcester. Come and taste our mouthwatering Arabian dishes like kebabs and samosas. Dig in for some hummus, shawarmas, or Iraqi meals and savor the flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine. 

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All of our customers have rated our falafel to be the authentic Iraqi flavor and the best in town. Besides our famous falafel, our patrons enjoy delicious kebab sandwiches and shawarmas. The fresh, healthy, and aromatic  Arabian food originating in the Middle East is worth indulging in.

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If you are new, we don’t want you to choose which Arabian cuisine/ Middle Eastern flavors that’s why we have crafted combos and meals. Customers also enjoy and love eating the different flavors of our samosa. Our Arabian cuisine is made from the finest middle eastern Halal ingredients. 

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